Usual Symptoms Of Pregnancy Quite Noticeable

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Happy Moments of Pregnancy

Although women can experience their own set of symptoms of pregnancy, there are some that are extremely common. The major one is a missed or late menstrual cycle. Amazingly, some women will notice a sign/symptom as early as one week after conception. Other women may not notice anything different until a few weeks later or maybe not any symptoms at all. Knowing your own body and any sign, differences or changes is important at all times, for it might signal something else, unrelated to newly being pregnant.

The most common Symptoms of Pregnancy

From 6 up until 13 days after conception (having sex), a woman may have spotting (small amount of blood) and/or a bit of cramping. It’s fairly probable as the embryo positions itself into the lining of the uterus (implantation). Sometimes these same occurrences will be caused by beginning or changing birth control pills.


The most frequent signal to perform a pregnancy indicator test occurs when a late arriving or totally missed period happens. A pregnant female can expect menstrual periods to cease until after the baby is born. But many times slight bleeding will occur, but it should be noticeably shorter and/or lighter than anticipated.

Visible symptoms of pregnancy

Another symptom that most women get is tender and/or swollen breasts. This could be noticed as early as 1, maybe 2 weeks past conception. The breasts might actually have an aching sensation or just feel sore.


One symptom that isn’t usually attributed to pregnancy at first, is feeling extra tired/fatigued. This too may start as early as 1 week after conception. The overwhelming need to sleep much more than usual, is very common with pregnancy, but also other normal things in life.


One symptom women hope not to acquire is the often talked about morning sickness. In reality, any time of day is feasible, but not usually until 2 up until 10 weeks beyond conception. Not all pregnant females must deal with this thankfully, plus there are ways to thwart it, like eating one saltine while still laying down, prior to arising.

Headaches caused by a swift rise in hormones are common during early pregnancy. Backaches in the lower back can develop any time during the 9.75 month stretch.


Having to urinate a lot can be annoying, as you cannot be far from a restroom even occasionally. This is because the developing baby is pressing against your bladder. It usually begins about 6 to 8 weeks after conception. Darkening of the nipples/areolas and skin around them may occur.


Comedians have long used the rites of pregnancy known as ‘food cravings’ as fodder for jokes. Cravings can happen throughout a pregnancy but also can take the form as certain food aversions. Very strong desires for a certain food or unusual combination of foods are commonly recognized as symptoms of pregnancy.


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