What pregnancy symptoms did you start to feel BEFORE your missed period?

Question by ¡Marinabear!: What pregnancy symptoms did you start to feel BEFORE your missed period?
My period is due on Friday, June 10th, and I’m not feeling ANY pregnancy symptoms yet. As a matter of fact, yesterday I had cramps, which would mean I’m probably expecting my period, and not that I’m pregnant. Obviously I’m TTC, so this kinda worries me. What symptoms did you start to feel before your period, and how far before your period did you feel them?

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Answer by pяσud мσммy σғ тhяєє ιs ттc….♥
Pregnancy symptoms? I’ve never been pregnant so I can’t answer this.

Hahahahahahah! Just Kidding! lol! I love messin with you! Actually, it may still be EARLY to have pregnancy symptoms right now. You have period symptoms a week before your period is do?

Hmmm, I mean in a way it all depends on you. Like do your breasts usually get tender and sore during your period? If they do, then no, that wouldn’t be a pregnancy sign for you. I mean like period like symptoms that you don’t normally get will probably occur due to pregnancy obviously. It all depends on you.

I mean if you don’t get a positive in your first pregnancy test then wait a couple days and take it again. Sometimes you recieve a false positive, also, make sure you take your test FIRST thing in the morning when you wake up, mainly so you have fresh urine to take the test. The results will so-to-say be “stronger”.

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